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Gerard Pipart was born on December 25,1933, in a shopkeeper's family near Paris.

In his youth, he became a fashion designer of Pierre Balmain, and later entered Jacquesfath. He was once the assistant of Marc Bohan in Patou.

He designed for his own company and made a big success after a few years, and before long, he was the one of the leaders of fashion trend.

In 1964, Gerard Pipart was employed by NINA RICCI and from then on, he took an important part in the company, there he developed his elegant style for the women.

His spring & summer series won " the Golden Thimble Prize" in 1987, and in 1995 he was awarded "Nation Knight Cross Badge".

Agenda:Sept 25-26: Fashion shows by Gerard Pipart (5 shows in all)
Place: J.C.Mandarin Hotel

Nina Ricci & Co.

In 1932, Madame Ricci and her son Robert Ricci founded the Nina Ricci Quality Fashion Store. In the half a century afterwards, Nina Ricci has come to be one of the most famous names in the French luxury industry. Nowadays, the company has an annual turnover of 1 billion FF and manages chain stores scattered around the globe. What's more striking, Nina Ricci has given special shows in 130 countries.

Nina Ricci now makes five different varieties of products, they are:

  1. Couture;
  2. Perfume;
  3. Ready-made Garments and Alamode apparel;
  4. Men's clothing;
  5. Cosmetics.

Nine milestones mark the history of Nina Ricci & Co.:

  • In 1932, when Madame Ricci was 49, with the encouragement and help of her son Robert Ricci, she founded he own fashion shop.
  • In 1946, Robert Ricci succeeded in making his first perfume, the "Coeurjoie".
  • In 1959, Nina Ricci employed quite a few young designers, who greatly helped her in her fashion store. Their products came to enjoy a brisk market in the U.S. and Japan.
  • In 1974, Nina Ricci & Co. became the leading company in the making and scales, especially the export of French perfume. Taking advantage of this momentum, Nina Ricci founded her "URY products center" and pushed out the " Farouche" perfume.
  • In 1979, Nina Ricci & Co. moved its headquarter from La Rue Capicunei to La Rue Montaigne in the downtown golden area of Paris.
  • In 1986, A "Ricci Club" mens wear store was founded beside the company headquarter and the company started to tap into the men's clothing market and made a success.
  • In 1989, the menswear market saw the debut and success of the "Eau de Toilette Ricci Club" and the "M. Nina Ricci" series of perfume.
  • In 1992, Nina Ricci & Co.'s first invention is the beauty industry, "Le Teint Ricci", received the recognition of the " Organization of Creation and Invention" and 38 Oscars awards'
  • In 1994, One of the company's products , the "De Cidela" scored an unprecedented success as soon as it was put on market.

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