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Other Kinds of Tools
(Gundrill-Forerunner Of Hole-Making Technology )

Bundrills and Gunbores are made of high quality solid carbide tips and steel tube which are brazed together grond into one unit . The cooling holes in them are processed with special technology. Gundrills and Gunbores are the forerunner of hole-marking technology. They do drilling,boring and reamering at one process, which makes hole-making more economical than usual. The depth of the hole can be 200 times of the diameter or more, and the hole more perfect.

Here are the popular Gundrills and Gunbores we manufacture.

We have introduced compete set of techniques and equipnents of manufaturing Gundrills and Gunbores for the sizes of 2mmto 25mm with the length up to 2500 mm.

All of the Gundrills and gunbores are for special orders.



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