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(Indexable Carbide Inserts For Milling )

Shanghai Tool Work has imported world-advanced insert Grinders from Switzland.It can produce international standard indexable carbide inserts in different accuracy. These inserts are suitable for various Face Milling Cutters. End Milling Cutters and side and Face Milling Cutters .

Shanghai Tool Works can deliver inserts not only according to the catalogue , but in accordance with other standards or special configurations.

Insert contents:
Figure Code Main application
TPHN.TPEN.TPAN.TPCN.TPKN. 90oFace Milling Cutters ,all kinds of End Milling Cutters ,etc.
TPAN, TPCN, TPKN Side and Face Miling Cutters etc.
TPHW,TPEW, TPFW,TPKW 90oFace Milling Cutters, all kinds of End Milling Cutter etc.
SPAN ,SPCN ,SPKN 75 oFace Milling Cutters etc.
SPHN,SPEN Face Milling Cutters etc.
SPAN, SDHW,SPEW,SDEW Face-Milling Cutters, Chamfer Milling Cutters , all kinds of End Milling Cutters.
SNAN,SNCN,SNKN 75oFac Milling Cutters etc(negative rake angle)
SNHN, SNEN Face Milling Cutter etc,(negative rake angle)
SEFW SEHW SEFN SEHN 45oFace Milling Cutters ,etc.
SPFW ,SPHW 75 oFace Milling Cutters etc.
SJA End Milling Cutters .etc.
CPGT T-slot Milling Cutters.
LPEX 75o Smoth Finish Milling Cutters etc.

Comparison between partial carbide grades of STW and come other factories grades within similar usage.

ISO Code Shanghai Tool Works Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Works Zigong Cemented Carbide Works Sandvik Walter
P10 SP10 YC15 YT175 SIP  
P20 YT14 SM20 YT14 YS25 YT14 YT789 (S2)(SMA) WPF
P30-P40 SP30 YC35 YT535 S6(S4) WP40
M20 YW2 SM20 YW2 YS25 YW2 YT789 H13A  
M40 SM40   YG 640 R4  
K10 YG6X YG6X YG6X H10(HIP) WK10
K20 YG6 YG6 YG6 (H13A, H20) WKM
K40 SM40   YG640   WK40

Note: Various Carbide Inserts of welded type can also be suppled

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