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Other Kinds of Tools
(Gear Cutters )

All our Gear Cutters are made of High Speed Steel, with the exception of the Fine -Pitch Solid Carbide Gear Hobs which are sintereed with YG type carbide powder , The Gear Hogs are made to accurcy of AA,A or B grade, while the gear Shaper Cutters and Gear Shaving Cutters to an accuracy of A or B grade. In addition to the Gear Cutters Listed in this Catalogue.,we shall accept orders for variious non-standard Gear Cutters.

Novikov Gear Hobs

Solid Carbide ,Fine-pitch Gear Hobs

Deep Counter-gore Gear ,Shaper Cutters for Spur Gears

Gear Milling Cutters

Items Specification
Gear Hobs Module 1-10 Overall Length 63-200
Outside Dia. 63-200 Bore 27-60
Fine-pitch Gear Hobs Modul 0.10-1 Overall Length 10-20
Outside Dia . 25.32 Bore 8.13
Solid Carbide fine-pitch Gear Hobs Module 0.10-10 Bore 8
Outside Dia. 25 Overall Length 8-16
Fine-pitch Preshaving Gear Hobs Module 0.2-1.0 Overall Length 15.20
Outside Dia. 32 Bore 13
Preshaving Gear Hobs Module 1-8 Overall Length 32-132
Outside Dia. 50-125 Bore 22.27 32.40
Disk Type Gear Shaper Cutters for Spur Gears Nominal Pitch Dia. df 75 df 100 df 125
Module 1-4 1-6 4-8
Taper shank type Gear Shaper Cutters For Spur Gears Nominal Pitch Dia. Module Overall Length Flute Length
df25 0.3-2.75 70-80 6-15
df38 1-3.75 90 12-15
Fine -pitch Gear Shaper Cutters for Spur Gears Nominal Pitch Dia. df40 df 63
Module 0.3-1 0.3-1
Gear Shaving Cutter Nomonal Pitch Dia. df180 df 240
Module 2-6 2-8
Fine-pitch Gear Shaving Cutters Nominal Pitch Dia. df63 df85 df180
Module 0.2-1 0.2-1.5 1.25-1.75
Gear Milling Cutters Cutter No. 1-8 Outside Dia. 40-170
Module 0.3-16 Bore 16-40
Milling Cutters for Straight Bevel Gears Cutters No. 1-8 Outside Dia. 40-170
Module 0.3-1.6 Bore 16-40
Novikov gear Hobs Module II2-8 I 2-8
Outside Dia. 70-140 80-160

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